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Outer Heaven Syndicate

Outer Heaven Syndicate's Clan Logo

Members: 40

Treasury: 328L$

Territory: 0sqm

Clan Boss - Kaiyita Kytori

Under Boss - Megalodon Clawtooth

Fishing Addicts -

Coin Addicts -

Farming Addicts -

Snuffles Addicts -

A great group that helps each other in Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt.

Clan members will also be able to fish at a clan only fishing buoy as soon as i am able to set it up and once or twice a month the buoy will have a x10 event, only people in the clan and in the group for the clan will be able to fish there so join now and have a nice group of friends to fish with and wait for that to get all started and set,

also going to help people buy fishing rods and all other types of things to help them fish and have fun