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Kingdom of Drecanis

Kingdom of Drecanis's Clan Logo

Members: 6

Treasury: 863L$

Territory: 0sqm

Political Formation to be decided once membership reaches 10 members. Until then, Valareos Draconrouge has full powers. At 10 members, a vote will take place to decide an Elder. There will be one additional Elder every 10 members

So your interested in joining Drecanis?  Well, you need to know a few things about us.  This clan is for the support of the Drecanis RP sim, and as such we will make decisions that benefit that sim. That being said, we welcome any member that wishes to join us.


Our Goal is to have a few strong cities, that can occupy and protect our other members. Most of our members will most likely be small settlements made to support this goal.  Casual players are always welcome!

Use of Clan Funds

Clan funds will be used for purchasing Clan land when availaible. Beyond that, tax rate will be kept at 1% to ensure you keep most of your money