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City Of Liberium

City Of Liberium's Clan Logo

Members: 3

Treasury: 1,355L$

Territory: 0sqm

The Three Branches of Virtual Governance

We are creating a virtual role playing city which will base its principles from best known real life governance systems. Our goal is to have fun while trying to simulate through role play our own virtual government system.


Our members are called Citizens. We come with different skills, knowledge and backgrounds and we voluntary immerse ourselves in different fun roles we believe we're capable of executing and we do this mostly for fun and to gain new skills that can only be gained from actually assuming specific role in our simulated hierarchy.

We aim to include everyone and everyone will be able to asume the role that they see as fit for them and their capabilities and experiences. All our citizens will be part of a role play environment where they can have fun and meet new friends from all over the world and at the same time learn new useful skills. Main goal for City of Liberium is to provide its citizen a virtual environment that helps its citizens reach their full potential.

Ministries / Executive Branch

City of Liberium will have different Ministries. Goal of virtual Ministries will be to execute, support and supervise virtual role playing governance system. City will have its president whose role will be to organize ministries and coordinate ministers. Virtual government system will recruit its ministers from citizens. There will be:  

  • Ministry of Virtual Law & Justice
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Scripting & Technology
  • Ministry of Arhitecture & Design
  • Ministry of Virtual Finances
  • Ministry of Voting & Public Opinion

We will open new Ministries to extend the reach of our government as we find appropriate candidates that have the skills and interest to develop them.

Judicial Branch

All Citizens of Liberium are expected to respect a special codex that will be developed by our Ministry of Virtual Law & Justice with goal to develop and protect certain virtual freedoms and rights. Those that will violate rules will be banished from our Virtual City and will loose all benefits and privilegies.

Legislative Branch

We have Founding Fathers and The Elders. The main task of these two bodies is to make the laws. 
The Elders will be selected through democratic elections from the citizens by the citizens. Anyone from the citizens who will help a lot and display a lot of wisdom and experience can become a candidate.
Founding Fathers will be selected out of those who have contributed the most for realization of role playing virtual governance system.

City Of Liberium

Liberium is a new virtual role playing city with a goal to become a New York of virtual worlds. A virtual role playing financial center where people through role play while having fun will concentrate business intelligence, funds, skills and all other human resources with aim to open new virtual world opportunities and a fun experience for people worldwide.