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Twisted Revolution

Twisted Revolution's Clan Logo

Members: 13

Treasury: 1,644L$

Territory: 0sqm



Clan Leader: Andrew215

Clan Officer: dawnm01
Clan Officer: TBA

To join the clan group chat your application must be approved.


Our Current Tax rate is set at 1% and is subject to change depending on clan votes. Yes, higher then most clans but we believe in high stakes high rewards! It makes clan financial donations easier to come by and allows us to be codependent not sole dependent.


We are starting out as a small group of friends that are more like family. Our foundation is built on similar values, trust and our willingness to help each other out in any aspect. We unite together to prove that any fin is possible as long as you don't trout (doubt) yourself! We hope to one day expand our family and be one of the most successful clans within the LGH Community. We wish to provide a place everyone is welcome, opinions valued and can call home.


Members benefits will be chosen by the clan, it's a work in process but we have high aspirations!

Current benefits we have are:

* Clan buoy
* Clan land for farming and events
* Rewards for Royal Competition results

Some examples for future development would be:

* Rewards for monthly ranking
* Giveaways of LGH products including rods and farms