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Vikings's Clan Logo

Members: 24

Treasury: 701L$

Territory: 0sqm

Viking Jarl - Vittfarne Uggla - Leader

Viking Fru - Lucindae Resident - Elder

Viking Bärsärk -  Ladedada Resident - K&E General

Viking Lagherda - Jenella - Female Warrior

Viking Handelsman - ChawlieBitmeh Resident - Viking Trader

Viking Jägare - Viking Clan Members


This clan is founded for  the reason to have fun in second life as  viking would. Members help and support each others in topics of fish&goldhunt as well as in k&e game with honour. Vikings like beer and partys but we are mainly hunters and farmers for prosper and wellness. We have  a big vikingship on wich we go raid and have fun.

No taxes