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Cash of the Titans

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Members: 42

Treasury: 0L$

Territory: 0sqm

Sexylover Turbo & DeDe Leimes are our current Elders. More will be added as the clan grows.

For ever 25 active members I, treto Priestly, will pay 300L out of pocket to the top 3 clan earners at the end of every month but with each active 25 beyond the first 25 I will pay an addition top 3. For instance 25 active members = top 3 members paid and if 50 active members = top 6 earners will be paid. Clan land will be a place for people to keep their snuffles, farms, or any additional ADS products if we get enough maybe a store where people could put things for sale.

Cash of the Titans Clan Forum Posts

Clan Rewards
May 11, 2013, 3:03 pm - 463 Views

When we get 25 active members I will ppay 300L divided among the top 3 clan earners at the end of every month.